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Wake up in the mornin' feelin greener than ShrekEdit

Roolz: *smacks Jeff in the head with a frying pan* WAKE UP!

Jeff: AH! Thanks for the kind awakening honey.....

Roolz: Well it's time for you to train, you said to wake you up at 6 AM.

Jeff: .........oh yeah....... OK! See ya later! *flies through the roof*

Roolz: Why do I put up with him?

Jeff: I was flying in the sky one day~ HEY LOOK! KOTSU!!!!! *flies down and tackes Kotsu*

Kotsu: GAH! Oh... Hey Nemnem! Sup?

Jeff: Just doing my morning rounds. Gotta make sure barrels don't come and kill my petunias!

Kotsu: ....Ok then...

Jeff: Wanna go adventurin'?

Kotsu: *desperate to get away from an entire day with this maniac* Well.... ummm.... Miku needs me to..... smash some rocks! Yeah.... rocks...

Jeff: I can help!

Kotsu: NO! I mean....she doesn't want anyone over, she's.........PMSing.

Jeff: Ohhhhh. Ok. Well see ya later! *flies off*

Kotsu: *sigh of relief* Thank Kami. He bought it.

Jeff: Feel bad for Kotsu. Hate it when my wife is PMSing. *in the background Jeff hears a strange sound*

Voice: LT comes stalking through the grass. Rabbits are his prey. He prepares for a pounce, NO WAIT! He decides to go for the deer. And the chase begins. *LT dashes out of some trees at a deer*

Jeff: AW SWEET A DEER! *flying down to get the deer, when suddenly a british guy jumps out of a bush and breaks the deer's neck*

LT: Aww. British guys always get my deer... Oh hey Jeff.

Jeff: *lands* Yo LT. British guy get your deer again?

LT: Yeah...... Stupid British....

Jeff: HEY! That's not nice....

LT: Did I ever say I was nice?

Jeff: Point proven. Wanna go hunt some tigers?

LT: There aren't any tigers here.

Jeff: Well we'll be going to Africa for the weekend.

LT: Ummm.. I gotta go.... on a date.

Jeff: You don't have a girlfriend.

LT: A date with..... with....... Kotsu and Miku. They wanted me to go to the movies with them.

Jeff: Oh. Ok. See ya then.

LT: Oh thank Kami he didn't see through the ruse.

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