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Anime Arena
Anime Arena 2
Fear will strike even before the sight of blood.
General Information
Genre Adventure, Action, Comedy
Rating PG-13
Language American English
Writer(s) Yuzura
Editor(s) Yuzura

Anime Arena is a fan fiction series written by Yuzura.

Plot Edit

A vortex is struck to the many different dimensions. They are only found to be consumed by the vortex and brought with a combined world. They must either fight to find the source and get their way back to their original dimension. While here awaiting arrival back to their homes, they compete in training, battle royale, tournaments, and other contests. The rambunctious group of fighters, pirates, Shinigami, alchemists, and much more must fight to the death if they wish to prove themselves individually powerful.

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter One: Battle Royale - A vortex appears in all of the different dimensions, only for the brave fighters to be consumed by it. This brings them to a place combined with an unknown source. They must work together or against each other to find who created this vortex and find their ways back to their original dimensions.

Chapter One: Battle Royale

Anime Arena Chapter One

Chapter Two: Ichigo vs. Luffy!

Main Characters Edit

One Piece

  • Luffy - Luffy is a brave, fearless pirate with stretchy abilities. Fears never strikes him and he handles situation in the silliest of ways. He favors a good fight or some meat.
  • Sanji - Cook on the pirate crew. He may cook all of the food, but he is always skillful at fighting, with the ability of kicking he has with his legs.
  • Nami - Navigator of the crew. With her, the crew will not get lost. He dream is to complete a map of the world. With her sad childhood, she became a thief to come across the pirates, only to join them.
  • Zoro - Master swordsman. Zoro wants to become the most powerful swordsman in the world. He goes through brutal training, like lifting thousand lb. weights just to gain strength. He is nonchalant but easily irritated.
  • Tony Tony Chopper - Doctor of the crew. He once worked with Doctorine as an assistant. He can heal almost any injury or identify any sickness. He can always turn into the form of a reindeer or a giant, physical beast.
  • Nico Robin - Robin is always calm about everything. She previously worked with Crocodile, but later joined the pirates. She remains strategic but quiet about everything. She has the ability of the Hana Hana fruit.
  • Brook - Brook is a skeletal pirate of the crew. He is the musician. Although he is made of bones, he is nearly invincible and almost pops right back up after being knocked down.
  • Usopp - "Brave" warrior. Usopp is mainly for ranged battle. He always hides his cowardliness and acts tough, but inside, he is afraid of the sight of danger.
  • Franky
  • Smoker
  • Crocodile


Dragon Ball

  • Goku - Goku is an overly powerful Saiyan residing in Earth. He has massively powerful abilities, but when concealed in this vortex, his powers are hence limited, even with the others. He has three Super Saiyan transformations as well as his Kaioken to battle off against others, as well as his Kamehameha Wave.
  • Vegeta
  • Gohan
  • Goten
  • Trunks
  • Trunks
  • Yajirobe
  • Bulma
  • Master Roshi


Fullmetal Alchemist

  • Edward - Edward Elric is an alchemist with an arm and leg made of automail. He continues to fight for a Philosopher's Stone yo attain the body of his brother, Aphonse's body back, from their sad childhood.
  • Winry
  • Mustang
  • Alphonse
  • Ling
  • Greed
  • Father


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