"I'm the girl without any regrets and self-esteem issues, I never want to back away from a challenge, I take it head on, no matter what!"
— Azura Blue

Azura Blue
Azura Blue
Biological Information
Race 1/2 God, 1/2 Human
Birthday January 1
Gender Female
Height 5'0
Weight 88 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Yin's Team
Position Member
Partner Yin Muruino
Personal Status
Physical Description
Age 15
Hair Color Blue
Skin Color Normal white

Azura Blue (青女; Aome) is a 14 year old half-god girl, the friend of Yin, and one of the members of the Elemental group. She is the daughter of Kōruda Megami, the goddess of ice, and her father is a human traitor disguising himself as a God to attract Megami's attention. She is skilled at using water-ice based techniques, because of her connection to her mother. She is one of the lone demigods found by Yin, and is part of the Rebellion against the Kingdom and more specifically, Fuhrer Reaper. She was born without siblings, and she escaped the clutches of King Kuron, after his attempted execution of her. She lived around the United Nation for the duration of her current life. She is known as Mizu No Musume (Daughter of Water).


Azura Blue has extremely rare sky blue eyes, a trait descended from her mother. She wears a wavy-color muscle shirt, and she has wavy-color hair. Baka refers to her hair as the "wet and hairy" and she doesn't mind. She wears a bra under her shirt, as well as panties.

She is 5'0, about normal for a female her age, but not really the bar for her mother, whom is 10'9. She is very aerodynamic, only 88 lbs.


Azura has a very shy and caring personality, and she only has to fight when it is most needed. Unlike her friend Yin, she is very scared to pull the trigger on someone. She doesn't believe in death unless whomever is being killed has done extremely horrible things. When she is in an argument, she usually is heartbroken and starts crying, leading to the other person actually falling for it and letting her win the argument. She is very protective.


Her mother, after being deceived by her father in impregnating her, was encountering labor. Mother Nature described her pregnancy as important as her own, as that the Goddess of Water is the protecter of the seas, and her daughter will soon have to take that role. A day after Mother Nature gave birth to Yin, the Goddess of Water gave birth to Azura, shielding a one day birthday between the two. Born a sweet demi-god female baby, she was left alone by her mother and her mother was never seen again.

Azura, ever since toddlerhood, was a very playful baby, especially beside any type of liquid. She would bend the water and use it as energy to herself. As she gained more control of the water, she began learning ice, and soon, she recognised her powers and became a known underling of a goddess.

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