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Bardulf is the wolf companion of Kotsu. He is the mate of Ula and the father of Ulva, Marrok, Seff, Lykaon, Hemming, Accalia, Rudiger, Ulrik, Kenyon and Faolan.


Bardulf is of an extraordinarily large size (much like Ula), leading the belief that he is either full-blooded or half dire wolf. He has dark fur, and a scar on his face from battle.


Bardulf is a very courageous wolf. He is also the strict one of the pack, and he is an alpha male. Bardulf is also a careful hunter and shows a more cautious approach at times, but will not hesitate to enter the fray to help protect Kotsu, whom he shares a close bond with. Bardulf occasionally barks at his yappier pups to stay quiet and patrols camp.