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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 1 June 2015

So you have a Hogwarts house

Here's a blog where you can get a link to another blog entry made specifically for each Hogwarts House. :3

  • Gryffindor
  • Hufflepuff
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin

Here are also numbered lists to show who is in each house thus far:

  • 1 Gryffindor
  • 2 Hufflepuff
  • 3 Ravenclaw
  • 4 Slytherin
  • 5 Data gathered thus far

  1. BardockGoku
  2. CookiePirate
  3. Dark Seeker Kotsu
  4. Guardian Demon
  5. Ibbe Posey
  6. Liquid speaker
  7. Some ghost
  8. TheFrodo

  1. Anemicne
  2. Angelic Anglerfish Wants Your Blankey
  3. Apparition of Dusk
  4. Callanball
  5. Construct Comando
  6. DinkyPotato
  7. JanembaFreak97
  8. Kraken with a bad haircut
  9. LukaCat
  10. Sasqrotch
  11. The Cerebral Assassin
  12. Voltstorm-JAPAN

  1. 10X Kamehameha
  2. Chili-Doge
  3. Disasterology
  4. Freeza Burn
  5. Shakuran13
  6. Zukleton

  1. IanSenpaiSoKawaii7900
  2. Miricle1778
  3. MsBulma
  4. Neffyarious
  5. PooseUnpoose
  6. Tjakari
  7. Troll Prince Joffrey


  • Among all users from t…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 1 June 2015

So you're a Slytherin

Congratulations on being sorted into the house of the serpent!

Slytherin is the house known for many of the villains in Harry Potter's story, but did you know that there is more to Slytherin than what Harry's story gives us? Slytherins may all seem bad from Harry's perspective, but Harry's story also has the downside of being from the perspective of a Gryffindor, and is therefore biased.

Slytherin is associated with the element of water. The house colors are green and silver, and their animal emblem is the snake:

"We’re like our emblem, the snake: sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood."

Ah yes, Slytherin may be misunderstood indeed when you take Harry's story into account. But did you know these interesting facts about our snakelike bret…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 1 June 2015

So you're a Gryffindor

Congratulations on being sorted into the house of the lions!

Gryffindor is a noble house that is known for housing some of the biggest heroes of the wizarding world...it is in the nature of many Gryffindors to be heroic, after all. Gryffindor is best associated with the element of fire, and it is common to see fiery or hotheaded Gryffindors. Gryffindor's colors are red and gold to match the fire theme, and their animal is a lion...a creature used to symbolize courage.

"Our emblem is the lion, the bravest of all creatures"

Yes, Gryffindor is best known as the house most focused on in Harry Potter's journey, as it is the house that not only Harry was sorted in, but many of his friends and mentors. However, there's even more reason than just pro…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 1 June 2015

So you're a Ravenclaw

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."
— Rowena Ravenclaw

Congratulations on being sorted into the house of the eagles!

Ravenclaw house is a house that has certainly earned a reputation in the magical world. Like the eagle, Ravenclaw is best associated with the element of air, and blue and bronze serve as the iconic colors of the house. To explain why Rowena Ravenclaw selected the eagle to symbolize her house, Pottermore cites:

"Our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb"

Indeed are eagles ever soaring in their pursuit of knowledge and the unknown. I'd be surprised if Ravenclaw's reputation has not yet reached you. It is well-known that many Ravenclaws are intelligent and wise beyond their years, with an insatiable …

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 31 May 2015

So you're a Hufflepuff

Congratulations on being sorted into the house of the badger!

Hufflepuff house is a house that seems to be favored by many, as it has many wonderful qualities about it. Hufflepuff is associated with earth, the element most closely attached to the house animal, the badger. The house colors are yellow and black. To quote the welcome letter about why the badger is the Hufflepuff animal...

"Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and loyal. We don’t shoot our mouths off, but cross us at your peril; like our emblem, the badger, we will protect ourselves, our friends and our families against all-comers. […] Like badgers, we know exactly how to lie low – and how to defend ourselves."

Of course, Hufflepuff is full of positive attributes, so it says something mig…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 10 April 2015

So this also happened

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 10 April 2015

So this happened last morning

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 16 March 2015

Walking Dead recap: "Spend"


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 What lies ahead: Season 5, Episode 15 "Try"

This episode was one to provoke rage.

A bit towards AMC and a bit towards characters in the series. I don’t know if this is what AMC intends, but so far I hate most of the Alexandrians. For some, it's not by any fault of their own, save for their blissful and idiotic ignorance. For others, I want the group to throw them to the walkers to use as a meat shield for a getaway. Let's explore why.

The episode begins with a shot of the church, where we find the ever-cowardly Father Gabriel in some kind of a weird mental state, tearing pages out of the bible and looking distraught.


We then see Noah talking to Deanna's husband, whose name I cannot remember for the life …

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 12 March 2015

The hardworking employees of your new Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

And by hardworking, I mean me.

Literally no one else knows how to do their job. I left everyone to their own devices. What you see below is what actually happened when I tried to start a FNAF restaurant in Sims 3.

Let's just say that almost nobody was doing the jobs I'd asked of them.

We'll start this off with Amir and Conner. Not only is Conner not at the prize table and in the security guard office, but he's not even working as a security guard! He's using our computer to play chess while Amir is (for some odd reason) staring ominously down the dark hallway at him.

And Conner doesn't even notice. Or care. Too absorbed in that chess game.

Amir, what the hell are you doing over there? You're supposed to be our chef.


If you thought the alleged rel…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 23 August 2014

Fight for every day

Today I looked at the sun

With what I think was distinct and marked longing

It felt like I could see again

But I need to get away, to where I'm belonging

Is that even a good rhyme?

I couldn't give a shit

But today I looked at the sun

And I felt my hands clench and my teeth grit

I shed a tear as I looked at the sun

And no, it's not from one too many a bong hit

It's because I don't fit

In this world of people who know what they're doing

But here I am, split

And everyone's saying "It gets better" 

But does it?

Or does it linger inside 

Baring its fangs

While my inside racks with pangs

I wish I knew what the world has for me

But I don't, I can only believe

How do you cling to hope

When it feels like it's all gone?

Why does it get so hard to smile

But so easy to beco…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 28 June 2014

Pokéventures Hoenn - Basic Information and Sign-ups

Hi guys. As many of you know, I am making a Pokémon story! Yes, finally a Pokémon related story. Per my childhood, I wanted to capture the wonders of Hoenn as I first saw them when I was just a little tyke. Silver was my first game, but Hoenn is the first I can remember vividly, as I played it through right to the finish.

Also with this story, I will not go beyond my database of Pokémon knowledge, meaning:

  • I will probably not cover anything beyond Diamond/Pearl, such as new Pokémon, types, or evolutions until I play or view the newer games in some substantial form.
  • I will probably also not include mention of anything that occurs beyond Diamond/Pearl. Again, I want to capture Hoenn as it was when I first laid eyes on it as a young boy.

  • 1 Charact…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 10 June 2014


Just truthfully answer the poll questions below. Topic of the day is copying:

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 3 April 2014

Gaia Online - Project: Carl Grimes

So I set out on Gaia to capture some of Carl's most iconic looks...

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Irina Umanskaya Irina Umanskaya 11 March 2014

Um, can someone make me a chat party.js?

i know javacript but the code you have on your chat is unusual. can i barrow it?!

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 13 February 2014

Early Expedition

Under the cool depths of the pool within the deep, dark, dank depths of Spider Cave, I located a large twisted purple crystal of Dark Eco. Sensitive to the touch, I knew it could only mean I was born for the job.

I was partaking in a small expedition group that consisted of myself, Bardock, Cal, SJ and Jay-Jay. We were out to complete a series of missions in the creepy caves. I was easily the youngest (at the age of eleven) and smallest and sleekest member. I was also the only one with any doctoring experience.

I touched the crystal. In an instant it flashed and I frantically swam to the surface, unable to catch a grip on the slippery surface of the floor of the cave. It was Bardock and Jay-Jay that hoisted me up out of the pool, pulling me …

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 9 February 2014

The Valentines Day that isn't here yet, but damn I wanna post these

My Valentines to y'all this year.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 11 December 2013

Never Forgotten

In only a few days, it will be December 14, 2013, exactly a year from the tragic Sandy Hook School Shooting that left 20 children between six and seven years old dead and killed seven adults as well. This blog will be our way of paying tribute to those that lost their lives in this tragedy. Starting with the kids, each user will choose one of the twenty children to write a message for on this blog. It is my goal to at least get a "messenger" for each of the 20 children. Please join me in this. Message me which child you want to write a message for and I will add you on here. It doesn't need to be a huge message, even a small and simple one will do.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 30 November 2013

Our genderbent profiles, according to Urban Dictionary

Kelsey (me): A very smart, sweet girl with lots of things on her mind. She may seem distracted a lot and that's because she is most of the time. She's very creative and sometimes shy and she always has to have music on because silence is her only weakness. She's easy to get along with, everyone loves her. She stands up for her friends and would never hurt anyone intentionally. She cares too much and she often picks the wrong crowd. She's not easily influenced and has so many things planned. Remember her, she'll be widely known soon. Iff you fall in love with a kelsey don't ever let her go. She likes playfighting, looks like the nost innocent person alive but can be the sexiest, kinky little thing if you get her to that stage. She likes bei…

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 11 November 2013

Shippers' Blog

Here is where I will upload pictures of all the major ships!!!

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 6 November 2013

The Democratic Way

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Lil' Trunks Lil' Trunks 14 October 2013

Still Alive

Life is a bitch with a capital 4

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XGlass Reflection XGlass Reflection 8 September 2013

The Minority Game

Yo people, just a tiny game from me called the Minority Game. A game that puts your balls to the wall and determines whether you're a pussy or not.
  • The dealer (myself) will give all the participants one favor. They are not allowed to use this favor during the game
  • The dealer will call upon a contestant to state a yes or no fact/question (e.g. Anime sucks or Does anime suck?)
  • The dealer will call upon the contestant to ask the question. This will be done in the blogs comment section.
  • The chosen contestant will ask the question in the blog comments
  • All contestants will have to message the dealer in any way or form their answer within 24hrs, THEIR answer can't be changed.
  • The people within the minority choice proceed and the people in the majority …

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XGlass Reflection XGlass Reflection 29 August 2013

Believe it!

Yo peoples! Just a blog from me cause I feel like ranting and having a moan (hehe) cause I can't do anything right, like help out a friend for. ANYWAY! Everything below really has to be said. And who is a better person to say it than the most charismatic person ever. In a sentence, this wiki shouldn't be considered a wiki as it is dead as fuck and limited to about 4 main stream editors. None of which a are bureaucrats. Oh and comment if you want message walls removed.

Its not that I find inactivity to be an issue but as it stands now, I find the merge to be completely un-needed and no I didn't change my mind cause I didn't give a shit to begin with. I know that people are just getting back to school or beginning their freshman year of high …

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Yuzura Yuzura 10 August 2013

User Interview: Dark Seeker Kotsu

Welcome to the next installment of the interviews!

Yuzura: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Dark Seeker Kotsu: I'm Braden, and I'm from good ol' California. I'm seventeen years old, but I was fourteen when I started using Wikia. I love football, video games, and hanging out with my friends.

Yuzura: How did you first discover Wikia and which wikis do you spend the most time on?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: Well, I first learned about them when I was about twelve and I was looking up information on the Legend of Zelda, and I got a link to the LOZ wiki, but the first wiki I joined was the Bully Fanon wiki. The wikis I spend the most time on are probably the Dragon Ball Wiki and ZCSF, lately.

Yuzura: What do you think is great about Wikia?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: T…
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XGlass Reflection XGlass Reflection 10 August 2013


Really quick blog, I'm leaving for Appleton Wisconsin in a few hours hence I will be inactive till Sunday. Hopefully nothing extremely bad will happen whilst I'm gone. Stay frosty everyone!

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Yuzura Yuzura 10 August 2013

User Interview: XGlass Reflection

Hello! This is an idea I had. Essentially, I will randomly choose editors and users on the wiki and interview them. This installment's user is XGlass Reflection, a patroller here on ZCSF.

Yuzura: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

XGlass Reflection: Well, as most people probably know, my real name is Josh. I'm of British nationality but am currently living in Canada. I'm going into freshman year of highschool. As you can guess, I'm 14 years old and my main hobbies are sport and being a western otaku.

Yuzura: How did you first discover Wikia and which wikis do you spend the most time on?

XGlass Reflection: I first discovered Wikia when I was looking for some information to back up my arguments on an anime forum, it was then I stumbled across Nar…

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Stevenduncan17 Stevenduncan17 9 August 2013

Showdown battles


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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 7 August 2013

Reigenbound Voting Page

1st poll result: Darwin (What should Kotsu and Flan's dog be named?) 2nd poll result: Elcid (What should the name of Kotsu's enemy/neighbor be?)
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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 6 August 2013

Main Page Character Box Thing

Kay so, if you want a character in the main page box thing, leave a comment down hurr.

One character only, plz, so use your main/most important char.

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Yuzura Yuzura 6 July 2013

Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden

Hello! Users have been frequently asking me why I like Naruto so much. I comprised multiple categories displaying why Naruto: Shippūden by Masashi Kishimoto is such a good anime. Also note, if you don't agree with me, I don't care. This is my own personal opinion and rating on the anime.

Naruto: Shippūden, the sequel to the original series, is world of epic battles, missions, and battling fighters in the world of ninja. Naruto Uzumaki's father, Minato had to fight off the most deadly of the nine tailed beasts, the Nine Tails, to protect it from the Hidden Leaf village. In order to prevent further chaos, not long after Naruto's birth, he had to seal it inside him, making him a jinchūriki.

People often shunned Naruto as a child because of him being…

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Tjakari Tjakari 28 April 2013

Marvel Questions

What happens when Bruce banner is having sex?

What happen when Iron man gets overweight and his arteries get clogged?

What happens if Spider Man strokes a dog?

What happens when Thor gets in the tub with that chick from the movie?

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 23 March 2013

Subpar Pingas auditions

My band, Subpar Pingas, needs some musicians to join the cause.

What we need:

  • A drummer
  • A saxophone player
  • An electric triangle player
  • A cowbell player

Current members

  • Kotsu - Lead vocals
  • Hoodie - Bassist
  • Wikian - Keyboard
  • Tayler - Maracas
  • Ricky - Tambourine
  • LT - Guitar
  • MOG - Backing vocalist

Here's the audition format:

Name: Name here

Instrument(s): Instruments you can play here

Reason: Reason why you should be in the band

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 14 February 2013

The Quiz That Cannot Be Named

Answer the following questions. Just answer them.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 6 February 2013

Sorting out the family tree

Okay, so I'm going to find a way to sort this family tree issue out. We can decide together. But first, everyone post all CONFIRMED relations. Confirmed means relations that YOU are okay with and ones that have been decided that you agree with.

Here's mine:

  • Roshai Mulder - Grandpa (not sure if maternal or paternal)
  • SSJ4 Vegito - Biological father
  • MsBulma - Biological mother
  • BullaBrief101 - Half-sister
  • Goku777 - Cousin
  • LT - Cousin
  • Mcleo/Ever - Cousin
  • Miri - Soon to be my cousin-in-law
  • Luka - Soon to be my cousin-in-law
  • Gotenfan - My baby daddy
  • BardockGoku - Mine, he's just mine. That's all there is to it.
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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 4 February 2013

My Friends Are My Power! (Slide Show)

So here is a slideshow I made as a dedication to all of my friends. I will add you later if I forgot you. This is my closest friends though, for the most part. The guys I made with this thingy I found, save for Vegito, because none of them could look adult enough. Listen to the song below it while viewing.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 3 February 2013

How do YOU chat?

Simply put, since ZCSF chat is customizable, kudos to Yuzura, every chat can be different? Post a screenshot of how YOUR chat looks like here! 

My chat:

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The SuperNova The SuperNova 8 December 2012

Animal Face-Off 1: Polar Bear vs Panda Bear

  • 1 Fighters
  • 2 Location
  • 3 Polar Bear
  • 4 Battle

Panda Bear

Polar Bear

Mount Roraima Located In Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana

Panda Bear Height: 3 Feet On All Fours 5-6 Feet Standing Up

Weight: 250 lbs

Paw Size: 6 Inches, Two Inch Claws

Other Attributes: Large Teeth, Strong Jaws, Stealth in cloud or mist

Height: 5 feet On All Fours 8 - 12 Feet Standing Up

Weight: 350 - 650 Kilograms

Paw Size: 1 foot, Two inch claws, Made for Snow Travel

Other Attributes: 42 Jagged Teeth, Advanced Swimming

Coming Soon

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 2 December 2012

Timeless Classic Children's Novels

I have created the perfect list of childrens' books, which I would like to recommend to you all.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 18 November 2012

Dragon Ball Wiki: Avatar Rankings

Hello, I'm Kotsu. And I'm going to do an accurate rating of the avatars I've seen on the Dragon Ball wiki, by users I am familiar with. I am not including myself in the blog because it would be dumb to rank myself. My rating is based on:

-How clear the avatar appears in chat and on the wiki: If I can't tell what it is in chat, that detracts some points. If I can't tell what it is on the wiki, then we have a problem.

-How good of a shot/how well cropped it is: If the image has a character in it, I prefer it to be close-in towards the face, so you can make out who it is somewhat from chat well. This usually puts avatars with a nice close-in face shot of their respective character above images in which it is of the upper portion or full body of t…

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The SuperNova The SuperNova 10 October 2012

Cartoon Rap Battle: Episode 1: Inuyasha vs Dante


Dante: Fighting demons thats what I do and to win I don't even have to fight you. You think you can beat me your a cat I'll blow you away with Ebony and Ivory RATTA-TAT-TAT I eat demons for breakfast Now your on my checklist A cat with a sword trying to beat a Devil Hunter Better call animal abuse cause I'll turn into a punter

Inuyasha: I might look like a cat but your a pussy. You better step back hunter cause I'm about to get pushy. Yeah what you gonna do I'm a demon dog. I'll make your whole life fog. My swords my fathers fang and you know I'm gonna win. Is that the phone ringing? Oh yeah I called it.


Sparda: Yeah our sons battle…

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The SuperNova The SuperNova 4 October 2012

Should ZCSF have badges?

I have been thinking lately should we have badges or not. Some people will focus just on getting badges instead of editing pages. but it also gives people something to compete for instead of just trying o get adminship,modship, etc.

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The SuperNova The SuperNova 4 October 2012

Deadliest Super Hero/Villain: Episode 5: Lex Luthor vs Green Goblin

Today we have the return episode of Deadliest Super Hero/Villain. We have a battle of the brains and the bronze! Green Goblin the mastermind Normand Osbourne and enemy of Spider-man. Lex Luthor the owner of Lex corp and the president of the United States of America also the enemy of Superman. Today we examine there elite arsenal to find out one thing. Who is deadliest!?

  • 1 Lex Luthor
    • 1.1 Weapons
  • 2 Green Goblin
    • 2.1 Weapons
  • 3 Vote

Lex Luthor is equipped with weapons straight from Lex Corp.

Kryptonite Knuckles

Flame Thrower

Kryptonite Spear

Shoulder Mounted Laser Cannons

Power Fist

Chest Laser Cannon

Palm Laser Cannons

Rocket Boots

The Green Goblin strikes back with his arsenal.

The Electro-Blast Gloves

Pumpkin Bomb

Variety of other Bombs

Mechanical Bats

Goblin Glider…

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Cocoabean Cocoabean 3 September 2012

Cocoa's Reviews

Hey, I'm Cocoa. I'll review your shithole story the stories here. So come on, request here. Don't bitch if I'm too harsh.

















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Tjakari Tjakari 26 August 2012

Elephants and Asses, Your thoughts?

It seems that everyone who can or cannot vote has an opinion on the race. So, explain to me why you support the Democratic or Republican Candidate if you do actually support either of them. If you don't, just leave a comment about what you thought about when you read the title. -- .Coldas.Ice.Till.Hell.Freezes.Over.....talk.....contrib. 21:45, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

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Mr. Meow Mr. Meow 15 August 2012

Reviews by Mr. Meow

WARNING: In this blog, I will list my thoughts on a story/fan fiction (in a pros/cons format) on this wikia, followed by a final grade. All of the below reviews are mere opinions from myself (Mr. Meow). If you have a problem with criticism or any opinions expressed in this matter, this is where you stop reading.

Hello! Since obviously I believe that it is totally necessary for everyone here to share their honest opinions on everything that is written here, I have created a blog to suit that very purpose.

How does this all work? Simple. YOU leave a comment at the bottom of the page stating a story/fan fiction that you would like ME to review. Then I create a section for that story, list the pros and cons of it, then give it a final grade on a …

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 10 August 2012

ZCSF Rules Suggestion Blog

Suggestion was made by chatmoderator Tjakari in regards to users from the Dragon Ball wiki requesting chatmoderator assistance on numerous occasions. So far the motion is supported by his fellow chatmoderator Gotenfan1195, admin Goku777 and founder Dark Seeker Kotsu


Please vote on the matter and leave a comment stating what you think.

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SS3Tre SS3Tre 9 August 2012

My hurt feelings

I feel hurt about the following two things:

One: that kotsu cheated on me(ABSOLUTELY NO HOMO!)

Two: that i was kicked By Tj for no reason

So I am making this blog to tell about it........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY made this blog to intrudoce myself to everyone here

HELLO!!!!!!!! I'm S.S.3....T.to the r.....to the e!!!!!!......but you can call me Tre for short.

Most of you already know me for being on chat the most on DB wiki and talking to me otherwise. It is good to be part of the wiki now, even though this is the first edit/blog i have made on it.

IF you have any tips for me on how to get strarted, please let me know in the comments!

Well, that's all for now..........SEE YOU ON CHAT!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 9 August 2012

ZCSF Confessions

All right so comment something you want to confess below, either signed in or not. Have a fun time and enjoy posting random things that YOU want to confess. Keep in mind: NO HARASSMENT.

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JanembaFreak97 JanembaFreak97 9 August 2012

How Sexy Kotsu is.

Plumbers are red.

Hedgehogs are blue.

Kotsu is sexy.

Way sexier than you.

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Dark Seeker Kotsu Dark Seeker Kotsu 6 August 2012

Soldier Central - Official Total War blog for followers

Welcome to Soldier Central, the official place for discussion on Dark Seeker Kotsu's story, Total War. Here is where you can vote with polls for your favorite characters, maybe even vote for things to appear in the story, if it happens. It is also a place for readers of Total War to share their thoughts on the series in the comments section. Discuss what you like about characters, chapters, etc. Make predictions on what will happen and who will and won't survive. Or even just discuss things in the story. Dark Seeker Kotsu will update and check as often as possible. Have questions about Total War? Post them here. By the time Total War reaches the halfway mark, polls will be reset to allow for people to re-answer based on new developments. T…

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