Northwest of Canum, commonly called the Imperial City, lay the township of Stafford’s Landing. Stafford’s Landing was ruled by a King, King Kaizer Stafford. The castle lay sprawled in Stafford’s Landing, a fine big estate run by King Kaizer and his wife Melisande. The castle was done up with banners and such in the colors royal blue and silver, with a wolf.

King Kaizer’s eldest son, Prince Brayden, was to be the king after he. The boy was thirteen years old now, with the same jet black hair as his father and that burning desire in his eyes to explore.

But one day King Kaizer learned of a hired blade, after his boys. He sent the boys out in a cart to their uncle’s house.

The cart never arrived.

The king’s men searched long and hard for his sons, but no one was found. Only the driver of the cart was found, dead.

Rewards were put up for the safe return of the King’s sons and the guards seen with them.

To this day, those rewards stand.

They have never been seen again.

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