Biological Information
Race Saiyan/Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Bulla (mom) Steve (dad) John (brother) Jill (sister) Steve Jr (brother)
Education Central City Elementary school
Physical Description
Age 7
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color White


Brendan is the fourth child of Bulla and Steve. He is seven years old and goes to school at Central City Elementary.

Personality Edit

Brendan is a very happy go lucky kid. He loves Steve Jr.Bulla and Steve. He does not remember Jill and he hates John for leaving to go to college. He enjoys all kinds of sports and he also enjoys reading. Usually he never gets caught without a book.


Brendan usually dresses in polo shirts and shorts because he wants to be different from the rest of his family. He has light brown hair and gray eyes. 

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