Chiaotzu is the best friend of Tien Shinhan. He is a white skinned human, who has red cheeks. Like Tien, he served as one of Master Shen's students.

We were first shortly introduced to Chiaotzu during the Fortune Teller Baba Saga. Chiaotzu travels alongside both Tien and InoShikaCho, moving from village to village in hopes of collecting riches. They do this by having InoShikaCho attack the village. Shortly after, Tien and Chiaotzu would arrive and "save" the villagers from InoShikaCho. After doing so they would be able collect their reward and move on to the next.

Chiaotzu is later paired up to fight Krillin in the 22nd World
Martial Arts Tournament. However, he loses after being knocked out of the ring through use of Krillin's tactics, which showcase Chiaotzu's sub-par mathematic abilities. After the conclusion of the 22nd World Martial Arts tournament Chiaotzu joins the fight against King Piccolo. Although, he is shortly killed after the death of Master Roshi. Chiaotzu is later revived after King Piccolo's defeat at the hands of Goku.

During the King Piccolo Saga, Chiaotzu is paired to fight with Cyborg Mercenary Tao. Due to Tao's thirst for revenge, Chiaotzu was left badly beaten though was able to make a quick recovery in the hospital. He later rejoined the others and watched Goku defeat Piccolo Jr.

Chiaotzu next appears in Dragon Ball Z when he along with the other Z-Fighters are called to train under Mr. Popo at Kami's Lookout. Upon arriving at the battlefield Chiaotzu does not get a chance to fight one of the Saibamen. Although, he does make an attempt
to destroy Nappa by turning himself into a bomb. Unfortunately, Nappa is barely injured and his sacrifice turns out to be for nothing.

Due to Chiaotzu's connection with Kami, he and the other Z-Fighters who perished in the battle with the Saiyan are given their bodies back in the Other World and are allowed to train under North Kai. At the ending of the Frieza Saga, Chiaotzu is wished back to life along with the others and continues his training with Tien in the mountains.

Chiaotzu next appears at the beginning of the Trunks Saga as he and Tien sense two power energy levels approaching Earth. After traveling to the location of the power levels he and Tien meet with the others and they are told that the energy levels belong to Frieza. From this point on Chiaotzu's role is significantly diminished and makes only minor appearances throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Z. In Dragon Ball GT Chiaotzu makes a few brief appearances, one of which where he is seen training underneath a waterfall with Tien.

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