Chrysler Marsephoni is a 16 year old part Saiyan part Human scientist. She has fighting potential but prefers science over violence. She can go up to Super Saiyan 3. She has no love interest in particular yet. She has a power in which she can copy attacks.
Anime girl


Chrysler's past is unknown. She is said to be descended from Bosnia and African people. Chrysler has amnesia and is trying to regain her memories.


Chrysler is a pretty girl. She has blackish red hair. She has black eyes. She also has a blue shirt with a red bow. Her shirt shows her cleavage. She wears a red skirt and pink boots.


Chrysler is a naive girl. She likes boys and is feminine. She's very smart and a pacifist. She seems to have an interest in Kotsu Reigen. Science is her number one priority. She is a weirdo and has trusting issues. She doesn't remember her past but she has habits from it like trust issues.

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