Kid DJ

Kid DJ (image by SpongeBoss)

DJ Badlock is a secondary protagonist in the I'm Just Saiyan series. He is one of the group of Saiyans that survived Frieza's genocide attempt.


DJ has very spiky black hair and dark eyes. As a child, he usually wears an orange gi with a blue shirt underneath. DJ is also very muscular.


DJ is a troublemaker, much like LT Tiernan and Ted Reigen. Roshai refers to him as a "little demon" at times because of his tendency to make trouble.

I'm Just SaiyanEdit

Youth Tag-Team TournamentEdit

DJ was present at the tournament, but forbidden to participate because he was in trouble at the time. He was present for the disastrous end of the tournament, however.

Aftermath of the TournamentEdit

DJ played with Ted Reigen, LT Tiernan and Goten Saito at the gathering. Not much else is known of what he did around this time, however.

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