Debby AA

Debby Reaper
Biological Information
Portrayed by XGlass Reflection
Race Half Saiyan
Professional Status
Personal Status
Physical Description
Age 7
Hair Color Pink
Skin Color White

Debby, is a 7 year old half Saiyan from the planet Earth. She is the sister to Josh and is currently being educated at Central City Elementary.


Debby has about 7 years of age. She was saved from being attacked by several mafia members by Josh after her father was killed by members of a household who wouldn't allow them to get inside and stay safe. Innocent and passive, Debby is the only member of the group that maintains a cheerful attitude; despite all their troubles and the loss of her parents.


Debby has shoulder-length pink hair with bangs reaching down from the side of her temples stretching outwards, purple colored eyes, a mole under her left eye, and wears a white headband on her head. Debby's attire has varied throughout the series. When Debby was first rescued by Josh she was wearing a white jacket, a pink dress top and a light blue skirt, black socks and shoes.

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