Dende has the ability to heal others. He is a member of the Namekian race and is the 108th son of Grand Elder Guru. Dende makes his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z when his village is being terrorized by Frieza. After witnessing the death of Cargo Dende was backed into a corner.


Dende and Piccolo attempting to free Goku from Hell.

Angered by Dodoria's acts of ruthlessness Gohan unleased a powerful kick upon Dodoria and is able to save Dende. To show Krillin his gratitude, Dende leads him to the home of Grand Elder Guru, whom unleashes his hidden potential. As the rest of the Frieza Saga progresses Dende plays the role of a healer, saving both Krillin and Vegeta, from serious injuries.

Later during the Cell Saga, Goku picks up Dende and transports him to Earth in hopes he will be able to fill the role as the new guardian of Earth (After Piccolo decided to refuse with Kami). Dende is able to successfully recreate the Earth's Dragon Balls along with altering Shenron's ability to grant three wishes. Dende during the Majin Buu Saga is successfully saved from being turned into chocolate through the efforts of Mr. Popo. In Dragon Ball GT, Dende assists Goku in returning to Earth from Hell using a portal opening techninque side by side with Piccolo.

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