Jakarys, the dragon of Kotsu Reigen.

Dragons are a recurring race within the world of the Z-Crushers Strike Force. They are classified as being large reptilian creatures, capable of flight.


Dragons are traditionally scaled, but there are some that have fur rather than scales. There are two main species of dragons.


Traditional type dragons have a body with a build more similar to a mammal than their serpentine cousins. Traditional dragons always have four appendages (legs, arms, etc) and they also always have big wings. They are also bigger than their serpentine cousins most of the time. In slang, they are referred to as "Commons".


Serpentine dragons are classified by a more snake-like body shape and structure than their more mammal-like cousins. Serpentine dragons more often that not lack wings, and sometimes they are missing either front arm/leg appendages or those in the back.


Dragons prefer a mountainous region with plenty of caverns for resting, nesting and establishing a empire. It is preferable to be in a mountain range or region, as the dragons like to fly among the mountains freely. The mountains also sometimes have areas where the dragons may be able to perch and enjoy the wind. The ideal region or mountain range is very vast, and with a wooded area nearby to provide easy sustenance for the dragons and whatever young they may be having.


Adult dragons typically eat meat, usually a larger animal such as a cow or moose. Dragons have a small stomach despite their large size, and it takes them a long time to digest. They are capable of even digesting bone, so they don't usually require very many meals during the week. On average, an adult dragon will eat three meals a week, occasionally eating a small animal as a snack in between meals.

Juvenile/adolescent dragons typically eat only two meals a week; one at the beginning of the week and one at the end. Like adults, juveniles eat meat as well.

Young dragons and hatchlings, however, are sustained on mother's milk for a year or so, while also eating only small portions of meat. They are also known for, oddly enough, snacking on fruits, berries, and nuts.

Known DragonsEdit

  • Jakarys - The dragon of Kotsu Reigen. It is believed, due to his size and natural aptitude for leadership that he is an Emperor dragon, which is the bloodline attributed to the natural-born dragon leaders of history.
  • Skorr - The dragon of LT Hephaestus. Due to his relationship with Jakarys, it is suggested that Skorr may be a Warrior dragon, which is a bloodline related to the Emperor dragons. Warrior dragons were known to serve as a sort of bodyguard for their Emperor dragon.
  • Ginjo - The dragon of Goku Rao. He has chosen Fernio as his mate. Together, they have led to the birth of Gijio.
  • Pyrus - The dragon of Blaze.
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