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Fangirl Attack! is a Dragon Ball Z and Anatolia fan fiction by Cocoabean of fangirls stalking our DB characters and the Anatolia Story fan fiction.

The PagesEdit

For some reason, no one knows why for, the main male characters of Dragon Ball Z and Anatolia Story were gathered in the real world. However, a massive horde of women and screaming was heard.

"What in the heavens is that?" User Ramses, a blond haired Egyptian with one golden eye and one brown one looked at the armada of fangirls. King Kail Mursili II stood nearby, looking at the armada.

"It's an army.." Mursili II looked at Ilbani, his red haired advisor.

"Of women?!" Ilbani looked at the armada, stunned.

"They don't even have horses." Kikkuli remarked, being a man with equal red hair as Ilbani and had freckles.

Elsewhere..a few miles away..

Piccolo, a teen Gohan, Vegeta, Future Trunks and an otherworld Goku flew as they saw the armada of women.

"Women." Piccolo remarked, sounding agitated.

"Those idiotic Earthling women!" Vegeta was annoyed.

"Chi Chi told me it wasn't really good to be close to other girls.." Goku said.

"Oh Kami." Future Trunks facepalmed. Most girls in his timeline were dead.

"Girls..?" Teen Gohan was nervous. He was only 11! The girls swarmed around the surrounded men of both mangas. User Ramses and Mursili II unsheathed their swords.

"OMG ITS THEMM!!" A girl shrieked. Another girl fainted in shock.

"GIRL INSTAGRAM THEM!!" Another girl grabbed her phone. Fangirls surrounded all the characters and girls began to put on their lipsticks with an evil smile.

"OH NOOO!!" The characters all screamed as they were kissed repeatedly. Goku and Vegeta struggled to crawl as Piccolo's turban was being ripped by the manic fangirls. Teen Gohan trembled as younger fangirls began to kiss him and he let out a slight squeak. Ilbani pushed off fangirls and struggled to push others off of his face. Kikkuli was being smothered by the girls. Poor Future Trunks was being touched everywhere and back. Goku was being kissed nonstop as he looked at the girls, confused. Multiple flash buttons went off, blinding them.

"Woman, get off of me!" Vegeta kicked women away.

"Father!" Future Trunks squealed slightly.

"I think your father is.." Piccolo was being kissed as he let out a yech and resumed. "right by doing that."

"What the hell is wrong with these women?!" Mursili II wasn't even fangirled on this much back in Hattusa!

All of the guys were pushing and being mouth raped by girls. Smothered and barely able to breathe as fangirls attacked.

"This was going to be a LONG day." They all thought.


Let Go!Edit

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