Final Flash
Inventor Vegeta
Users Vegeta
Class Energy Wave

The Final Flash is one of Vegeta's signature finisher moves. In order to perform this technique, Vegeta extends his arms and legs out in order to gather ample amounts of energy. Vegeta then extends his arms in front of him to direct his move towards his desired target. In which case, the first time this move is used is against Perfect Cell. Vegeta uses it as a last resort, due to his unsuccessful attempts to damage cell. As is turns out, although Cell was significantly stronger than Vegeta, he was badly injured by the Final Flash. Vegeta later uses the the final flash during his battle against of the the Cell Jr's. Although this time, Vegeta spends little time charging it, due to the fact the Cell Jr. would have stopped him in his tracks. The attack eventually fails. Vegeta later uses the final flash while fighting Goku in his majin form, against Kidd Buu, and while fighting Omega Shenron.

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