Future Bulla
Future bulla
Biological Information
Portrayed by BullaBrief101
Race 1/2 saiyan 1/2 human
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight secret
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Bulla (pastself) Future Steve (husband) Future John (son) Future Jill (daughter)
Likes her family, Bulla,Steve,time traveling
Dislikes John making a mess
Physical Description
Hair Color Blue
Skin Color creme

Future Bulla is the future counterpart of Bulla. Also the wife of Future Steve  and the mother of Future John and Future Jill

Appearence and PersonalityEdit

Like her past counterpart, she has turquoise hair and blue eyes. She looks a bit more mature, but still more gorgeous than her past counterpart. She wears a short capsule corp jacket with a black dress and brown high boots.

Future Bulla seems to be more caring and kinder, since she now has a husband and two kids. She's hard working and very understanding (when Bulla was telling her about her feelings about Steve). She also has a passion for inventing and for shopping. She also tends to get very annoyed, especially when her daughter sneaks into her time machine.


This Bulla is shown to already be married to Steve. She created the time machine, for her son but sometimes her daughter sneaks in there. When Steve was stranded in the future, she offered to take him home with her time machine.

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