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Future Gohan
Future Gohan
Mirai no Gohan
Anime name Gohan
Manga name Son Gohan
Alternate names Future Gohan
Mirai Gohan
Adult Gohan
Alternate timeline Gohan
Future Son Gohan
Master Gohan
Gohan of the Future
Debut Manga: "Trunks The History - The Lone Warrior"
Anime: "Ghosts from Tomorrow"

Future Gohan is the future counterpart of Gohan that lives within the same timeline in which Future Trunks resides. He serves as a mentor to Future Trunks, and helps him indirectly achieve his super saiyan form. After taking Trunks under his wing, Gohan and him began to train in preparation of the fight against the androids. He and Gohan first encounter them decimating an amusement park. Gohan instructs Trunks to not get involved in the fight, although after being overwhelmed by the combined power of both the androids, Trunks is quickly left with no choice. Trunks is then easily defeated by Android 18 and Gohan manages to shield him from a blast. He then tries to find a hidden area for him and Trunks to remain concealed. In an attempt to rid them from the area, the androids decide to blast the whole amusement park to the ground. Gohan, in a successful attempt to protect Trunks, is left with only one arm. After re-cooperating, with the aid of Bulma, Gohan decides to once again confront the androids who are in the midst of destroying pepper town. Before doing so, Gohan decides it best for Trunks to not come with him. Gohan then proceeds to knock him out. Gohan puts up a great fight, although he is unfortunately overcome by the pair of androids. After being knocked down to the ground, they decided to unleash a swarm of devastating energy blasts, killing him. Upon waking up, Trunks wanders the city in hopes of finding Gohan. He eventually does, he is stricken with grief. Trunks finds his best friend laying face down in a pool of water. Trunks' emotions and pain of loss triggers his almighty super saiyan transformation and takes the first step in defeating the androids, whom have taken so much away from him.