Future Trunks


Trunks when achieving the Ultra Super Saiyan state against Cell.

Future Trunksis a Saiyan hybrid and son of both Vegeta and Bulma. He is mentored by his friend Gohan who aids him in his quest of achieving the Super Saiyan form. After the death of Gohan, Trunks is emersed within his emotions and is able to seize control of his inner strength and finally transform into a Super Saiyan. After confronting the Androids once more, this time by himself, in Bridgetown, Trunks in confronted by his mother Bulma. She explains that she has finished the necessary time machine in order to alter the present timeline of Goku and the gang. Trunks travels back into the past and is confronted by Mecha Frieza and his father King Cold. Trunks is able to easily dispose of them both. He then is able to tell Gohan and the others, the exact time and location Goku will be arriving back to Earth. Upon meeting with Goku, Trunks is able to give him the necessary medication in order to combat the fatal heart virus Goku will encounter in three years. Trunks then returns to the future. He then travels back to 3 years later of his first visit, So he can help the Z-Fighters defeat against the Androids. He and the other Z-Fighters are quickly proven no match for the Androids. In order to get stronger and face the new threat Cell, he and his father train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Unbeknownst to Vegeta, Trunks surpasses his father and is able to ascend to the Ultra Super Saiyan state. His power drastically increases to nearly match Cell's. Trunks is left to pick up where his father left up. Trunks puts up a good fight although his new form proves to place him at a serious disadvantage. The strength gained by the Ultra Super Saiyan form is tainted by the dramatic decrease in speed. This leaves Trunks unable to win the fight against Perfect Cell. Shortly after Cell's regeneration and return to Earth, Trunks is killed as he is impaled in the chest with a Death Beam. Although after Cell's defeat, he along with all of the others killed by Cell is revived. Trunks then returns home in order to finish his business with the Androids and that time's Cell.

Trunks returns to avenge Gohan.

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