Gijio is a baby dragon, the second child of Ginjo and Fernio, behind his older sister, Glaciel . He is currently partnered with Goku's younger child, Adrian. Gijio is the youngest known dragon in the party, still being very small. 


Gijio is a teal and white colored dragon with brilliant green eyes. Unlike some baby dragons, Gijio developed his horns early on, a sign in dragons of a good leader. Gijio is still very small for a dragon, said to be about the size of a large dog. 


Gijio cares for and plays with the Rao children, Ria and Adrian. Gijio is very curious and playful, loyally following Adrian around like a puppy. Much like his father's newborn tendency to accidentally breathe fire when he burped, Gijio shoots out fire when he sneezes. Gijio is said to be very loving and kind. He also seems to have a soft spot for the Reigen kids (perhaps because of the Reigen family's ties with dragons), but is closest to Adrian.


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