Golden Great Ape

Goku transformed as a Golden Great Ape.

The Golden Great Ape is a far stronger alternate version of the Great Ape transformation. This form can be achieved by Saiyans who possess a tail and a high power level. The user must also be exposed to some form of blutz waves, as always. The appearance of the Golden Great Ape is very similar to that of the regular Great Ape, aside from the golden fur (although in Great Ape Baby's case his skin turned blue). This is most likely due to the genetic mutations Baby experienced. Unlike the original Great Ape, the Golden Great Ape transformation is as powerful as a Super Saiyan 4, except with no conscious control over its power. The user attains the ability to use Ki-based Attacks, whereas the regular version may only use Ki blasts out of their mouths. Users of this form include Goku, Baby Vegeta and Vegeta.

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