Grum (Orc) Sprite
Slave-Guard of Mordecai
Biological Information
Race Land Orc
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Height ~7'5"
Professional Status
Affiliation Vordathco Mordecai
Position Manual Laborer/Bodyguard
Partner Bob & Trul (as Mordecai's bodyguard)
Base of Operations Myrjlon
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Education Low level
Physical Description
Age Unknown (Young Adult)
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Green

Grum is a supporting character in the story Mordecai & Aleph. He was one of Mordecai's personal slave-guards—alongside Bob and Trul—during his travel to Illustria, which led to his masters' contact with the extraterrestrial being, Aleph. Grum notably is known for getting sea sick during storms, especially when keeping watch from the khrow's nest of Mordecai's ship.

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