Gwendolyn Harmony Nadia Blaise
Biological Information
Race Demigod
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weight 135
Professional Status
Personal Status
Likes Gods
Dislikes Factions
Physical Description
  Gwen is a member of the Amity and Daughter of the Goddess Psyche


Gwen has grass green eyes and grass green hair that she always wears in pig-tails. She also has very light skin unlike all the other Amities. Gwen has a small, thin figure, but is a pretty good height to make up for that. Gwen always wears red clothing and usually just her red and white dress. The red and yellow looks like ketchup and mustard to her when put together. She also always wears the necklace around her neck that she got from her deceased mother.


Gwen the kind of girl who thinks but never says. She acts like an Amity girl but on the inside shes screaming to be cut free. She doesn't want all this peace stuff. She wants a regular, normal life in another faction. She never says anything though. She just puts on a mask and pretends to be perfectly fine.

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