I don't remember anything before the war.....All I remember is Chief telling us to come out from the ditch and start shooting. DJ, Sponge, and I jumped out from the ditch, over the Chief, and started shooting but we quickly ran out of ammo. Our friend Kotsu came out of nowhere with dual Energy Swords, stabbed them into the enemies and began to run. DJ, Sponge, and I were hitting people with our guns repeatedly . Our friend Goku came out from the ditch and threw time bombs at our enemies and called for back-up. Blaze quickly flew in with his helicopter and started shooting then Wikian and Yami jumped from the helicopter and began to shoot at the enemies and quickly landed safely on the ground and began to shoot more. Blaze landed the helicopter and started to shoot at the enemies as much as he could until he ran out of ammo. We were extremely short on ammo that day. The Chief signaled us to fall back at the site of something flying through the air but we didn't listen, we grabbed our side guns and began to shoot all the alien invader. We were outnumbered but we didn't give a care in the world. We were winning, and just as we thought we had won and began to celebrate a new Alien ship landed and started releasing its troops to come and kill us. We disagreed, we weren't ready to die just yet. We charged them with all our might. That is the last I can remember before it all goes blank.

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