Hercule Satan, is a martial artist whom has won a number of World Martial Arts Tournaments. He is the father of Videl Satan.

After hearing the announcement of the Cell Games, Mr. Satan had intended to enter the tournament and defeat Cell. Due to Mr. Satan's lack of knowledge regarding Ki Based Attacks he believed himself to prove more than worthy to defeat Cell. Although, after stepping into the ring with Cell, he and his students were easily beaten. Goku then took his place to fight. Mr. Satan would later take the credit for Cell's defeat, although Gohan was the true hero. Though, Mr. Satan
Mr. Satan vs Cell2
did assist Android 16 by allowing him to speak with Gohan, thus enabling his full potential to arise. Seven years after the defeat of Cell, Mr. Satan is automatically entered into the next World Martial Arts Tournament. Although, to his disbelief he witnesses that the Saiyan have entered the tournament. After the crowning of Trunks as the winner of the Juniors Division Tournament, Mr. Satan is paired up with him to fight. Before the fight begins, Mr. Satan asks Trunks to lightly tap him on the face, although Mr. Satan is still propelled out of the ring and is smashed into the wall. Though
defeated, Mr. Satan's reputation remains intact, because the crowd believes that he purposely allowed for Trunks to win.

After the Worlds Martial Tournament is disrupted, Mr. Satan is paired up to fight Android 18, Mighty Mask, Killa and Jewel. After Trunks and Goten are exposed as Mighty Mask, Mr. Satan is left with 18 in the ring. 18 then offers Mr. Satan the title as long as she is paid 20,000,000 zeni.

After Majin Buu and Babidi begins to terrorize the Earth, Mr. Satan is sent to his house in order to abolish the monster. Initially, Mr. Satan attempted to do so by giving Buu deadly presents, although he was not phased by them in the slightest. Instead, Buu enjoys the presents and befriends Mr. Satan.

After Buu transforms into Super Buu, Hercule is spared due to Buu's good memories of himself and Mr. Satan.

In Dragon Ball GT, Mr. Satan attains a decent amount of screen time, unlike the majority of other characters. He travels to the new Planet Tuffle with Pan and acts as a support character. He makes a lot of appearances later in GT.

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