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I Liek Cookies! (intentionally spelled that way), is a Fan Fiction about the wiki day of Cocoa. It is told from Hisana's point of view.

I Heart U[]

My eyes opened, laying next to a relaxed, sleeping Goku. I felt a slight blush on my cheeks. He looked so cute while he sleeping! Not that he was..ugly! Ugh...I slumped over to the side, looking at the time.

"10:30 AM"

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! I barely slept?! Oh well, it was a lot better than those usual sleepless nights..she never liked leaving Goku uncomfortable, especially at night..my feet moved to leave the bed. I walked up to our bathroom, opened the door, locked it and turned on the light.

I looked at my face. Groggy and desperately needing makeup. My black eyes were droopy as ever and my mouth slightly agape. I wore an azure tank top with red shorts. I blushed a bit at how form fitting my outfit was. I was..no, I still am, pretty modest. My straight black hair, reaching up to my waist was straight as ever. I thought I looked prettier with shorter hair in my reckless days.

I reached for a scissor in the drawers. My hand shook slightly. What would the guys and girls say? What would Goku say?! No! I have to be sure about this... I grabbed a huge part of black hair, winced and my hand containing the scissor cut it. It cut again, I grabbed my other part of hair, cut hesitantly, and cut it evenly. I ain't going back now for a bit..

"Uhhh....Cocoa...?" I heard Goku's voice from the bed. I couldn't help but smile at the sound. He's one of the only people I allowed to call me by my middle name. It almost soothed me then I realized there's hair all over the fucking floor...

"Yeah?" I fluffed my..well now, short black hair. Ughhhh I had no choice but to pick my cut hair up. I just put it in the bin when I heard a noise.

"KAAAAAMEEEEEHAAAAAMEEEEE....HAAAAAA!!!" I recognized that voice! Ria! Vs..NEISHEL?! AGAIN?!

I ran out of the room and Goku was already gone. I dashed outside to the window and jumped out of it. What a stupid choice. What did I se-


I Totes Made a Typo There[]