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The Ice-Jin are extraterrestrials from the planet Ice, Frieza's home planet.  Frieza, Cooler, King Cold, Chilled, and

An Ice-Jin in its fourth form

Frieza's son Kuriza, are all members of the Ice-Jin race.


The Ice-Jin usually have tails and their bodies are covered in a thick white armor which seems to be bonded with their skin, like an exoskeleton of some sort.  In base form, their tails are pink and segmented, like worms.  Most Ice-Jin wear gems on their heads, legs, and wrists, but the gem on their head seems to be permanent and bonded with their skin, like their armor.  Ice-Jin typically wear Saiyan battle armor and have horns growing out of their head, these horns are shaped differently as they transform. 

An Ice-Jin's appearance drastically changes as it evolves into its further and more powerful forms.  For example, Frieza in his base form had pointy horns sticking out of his head, wore Saiyan battle armor, and had lined, pink skin on his mouth and face.  As he transformed into his second form he was much taller and had curved horns like a bull while in his first form his horns just stood out straight.  His third form has an elongated head but has shorter horns, it has been said by fans to look like a Xenomorph from the Aliens movies.  In the fourth form, Frieza had no horns and most of his skin was a pale white, instead of pink like in his first form.  He usually grew taller as he transformed but in his fourth form he was the same height as he was in his base. 

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