Creed, a well-known Innes.

The Innes (IN-ness) are a race of demon-aliens inhabiting an unmarked planet called Ximhautyer. It is the race that both Creed and his younger brother Rampage belong to.


The Innes are characterized by a liking for what is dark and foreboding, in fact many of the Innes' physical appearance is described in that manner. They are also immensely powerful, and carry abilities such as shape-shifting and even manipulating the elements.

History and RoleEdit

The Innes are the race that Creed, the evil within Kotsu belongs to. The Innes are often mentioned by Creed, who believes they are the superior race.

There was a great historical incident that involved the Innes. That was the Innes-Alscheim war, in which another alien race known as Alscheims descended upon Earth. The Innes did not take kindly to "their territory" being breached and demanded the Alscheims leave. When the latter refused, war broke out between the two races. Creed and Rampage are known participants in the war. Creed himself described it as "a great bloody war" which lasted for several months on end. It was highly destructive and many human lives were lost in the fray as well. The Innes emerged victorious; ultimately left Earth, believing it to be too bright for their tastes.

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