Jillian Brief
Baby jill copy
Biological Information
Race 3/4 Saiyan/1/4 Human
Gender Female
Height *30 inch (child)

70 inch (teen/young adult)

Weight *30 lbs (child)

110 lbs (teen/young adult)

Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Bulla (Mother) Steve (father) John (older brother) Future Jill (future self)
Likes Family,Toys
Dislikes John
Physical Description
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Creme
Jill is the daughter of Bulla and Steve. She is also the younger sister of John


As a baby, Jill had an adorable appearance. She had short brown hair and blue eyes like her mother. Bulla used to put her in little cute dresses for her to wear.

As the years go by, Jill often wore cute dresses, but sometimes she wore jeans and a T-shirt on messier days. As a teen, Jill mostly wears shorts along with tank tops. During college she'd also wear hoodies with the University logo.


Jill is a cheerful child and is eager to please. Although she's a very nice person, she can be sarcastic just like her mother. Jill also has an impressive IQ for her age. Jill loves playing with her dolls, watching tv, and drawing. She also grown attached to her brother, John. Jill loves strawberry ice cream and would jump people for it.


Jill was born in Central City Hospital. She is now at at home with her family. She went to Central City Elementary along with her brother John. She now goes to a private high school. 

16 year old Jill

Years later, Jill goes to West City University to study video game design. She is also known as campus's Gamer Chick for beating game champion, Jose Le Flue.

Future JillEdit

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