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Kento Akuma
Kento Akuma
Biological Information
Race Demon
Birthday Nov 30
Gender Male
Height 7'0
Weight 200 lbs
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Johnathan Fusee

Blaze Fusee

Physical Description
Age 19
Hair Color Reddish-orange
Skin Color Reddish-orange

Kento Akuma (剣と悪魔; Ken to Akuma, meaning Sword to Demon) is a hypothetical form theorised by Blaze when his fusion with Johnathan became corrupted for the first time. This was believed to have only been made when Johnathan is in the Katharó Paladin state and Blaze fuses with him. This form would have farther capabilities than Tenka possibly, but that fusion would be at the risk of destroying their bodies due to Johnathan's unmastery of the state, and the demon inside Blaze's anger with outside powers. His body is now made completely out of demon energy. His body still retains the seals. If you look closely, he wears a similar jacket to what Oni Jonasan wears. If you notice closely, Kento's name has Tenka in it, referring to the fusion when Johnathan is not in the Paladin state.

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