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Kindora Candle
Kindora Candle
Biological Information
Race 1/2 Demon 1/2 Human
Birthday Nov. 30
Gender Female
Height 5'9
Weight 100 lbs.
Professional Status
Partner Blaze (lover)
Previous Partner Shikke Candle (sister/counterpart)
Personal Status
Relatives Shikke Candle (sister/counterpart)
Physical Description
Age 19
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Normal white

Kindora Candle (キンドル; Kindoru Kyandoru) is the counterparted lover to Blaze. She is a demon/human hybrid, to match the complicated combination between Blaze and his own counterpart Johnathan. She is very kindhearted despite her run-in's with her inner demon, and she'd do anything to protect Blaze from harm. One notable fact is that she was born on the same day Blaze was. She met Blaze at age 14, had a crush on him, but Blaze never noticed her until her and his 19th birthday. Her counterpart to Johnathan is Shikke Candle.

Second FormEdit

After discovering Blaze's injured body, Kindora exploded into a second form known as Meiden Kaku (Maiden Nuclear) that boosted her physical prowess (power level shot up 15X) and physical appearance (gained flames and shell around herself, before this form is attained, her breasts increase size). This form was known to even impress Blaze himself, as well as Johnathan, and even give Tenka Jonasan a pinch of pain. She was also mistaken as naked, by Johnathan; "I saw her arse and I thought, 'wow...' I think my male instincts over came me a bit...until Blaze punched the tea out of me."

Second Form Kindora

Second Form

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