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"Bulma, for the 14th fucking time, I didn't touch your hideous [Hands to make air quotes] prince [Puts hands down] at all!"
— Kinoko, to Bulma

Kinoko is an elite-class Saiyan who is two years older than Vegeta. Her son is Takashi, and she has a frenemy relationship with Piccolo. Nasu is her younger brother, who she loves greatly.


Kinoko is a very, "stuck up, arrogant bitch" as worded by Vegeta. She is very prideful, to the point of stunning her son. It seems she hates Vegeta for unknown reasons, and the feelings are vice versa with Vegeta. Apparently, it had something to do with Vegeta constantly teasing and hurting Nasu, her little brother, and a big fight they had as children. She is extremely sarcastic, rude, and irritating at many times. However, she greatly cares for her little brother. Wishing in the Namek Saga to revive Nasu. She can be a jackass and not care about many peoples' feelings; but with Nasu, she is motherly and kind. Kinoko is repeatedly fighting with Vegeta, and nearly killed him multiple times. Like all Saiyans, she has the love for fighting and killing. Her and Piccolo are frenemies, they may help eachother occasionally, like how Kinoko saved Piccolo from Frieza and Piccolo saving Kinoko from Super Buu. Kinoko is stern and strict with her son, Takashi, and doesn't like it when he is with friends. When Nasu died by Super Buu's hand, she reached Super Saiyan 2 and nearly killed herself if it wasn't for Piccolo. She has an odd love for sugary sweets ever since she came to Earth.




  • The creator of Kinoko personally is a fangirl of Piccolo.
  • Her theme song is Sweet Life by Frank Ocean. Her secondary theme song is Forrest Gump (instrumental) by Frank Ocean.
  • It is really unknown if she loves Vegeta. She has blushed a few times at Vegeta, but at the same time, she has nearly killed him.
  • She is a personal favorite of the creator, but the creator of Kinoko hates making her dialogue with Vegeta.
  • Kinoko is from 2008, and her design has changed many times.




"[Smirks, sarcastic] I am graceful to be in your prescence, [End sarcasm] Princess Vegeta."
— Kinoko

"[Cries tears of joy then hugs Nasu] Nasu! I missed you..[Kisses him on cheek and picks him up] It's me, Kinoko!"
— Remeeting Nasu