Kotsu Shadereign
Kotsu Shadereign, wielder of the Keyblade






Unknown, presumably human


Unknown date

Unknown location




5'4 (162.56 cm)


100 lbs (45 kg)

Hair color


Eye color


Blood type


Kotsu Shadereign is the main character in the Kotsu's Rise series. He is a young boy who set off to search for his friends when their island became consumed by darkness. He wields the Keyblade and has formed a team with Goten Jippensha and Goku Kitsun.


Kotsu has wild brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a red suit under a blue and white zip-up top. He also wears yellow  and black boots. He wears a blue belt and wears a keychain with a crown shape on the end of it. He has a chain by his left pocket and white gloves.

Kotsu is considered short for his age, and is thin. However, he has powerful arm muscles in particular, due to all the swordfighting and other forms of play he learned on the island. He doesn't like being remarked on his height, nor does he enjoy it when called "cute" by older peers, which he often is. His height is often a topic of jokes.


Kotsu's most defining trait is his bravery, which he has displayed several times, most notably when fighting against opponents that usually have an advantage on him. His never-give-up attitude has led him to victory before. Kotsu's bravery tends to get him in trouble, as it makes him somewhat reckless. He can be slightly arrogant, but is mostly quite humble and considered a gentleman, and is traditionally very polite. Kotsu's reckless bravery sometimes might cost him injury, but Kotsu considers this less important than protecting others.

This trait can sometimes be a downfall, as Kotsu is also very trusting, so it would make it easy for one to backstab him. However, Goten and Goku moderate who not to trust, and keep him in line.

Another trait that tends to get Kotsu in trouble is that recklessness he has, and his curiosity. Stated by many to be a "loose cannon", he is unpredictable at times, and difficult to control. His stubborness makes this even harder, and he sometimes doesn't strategically plan things out very well and throws himself into the mix. 

Kotsu however, is also very funny. He loves to prank others and joke around, but sometimes his goofing off gets the group off-task. Kotsu himself doesn't have a very notable attention span, and can sometimes be distracted from the main mission by other tasks. 

Another defining trait of Kotsu's is his upbeat attitude. After living a carefree life on Destiny Islands, Kotsu has developed into a very optimistic and positive kid with a lot of spirit and passion behind everything he does. Though comically becoming enraged when called short, Kotsu doesn't hold any hard feelings towards those who pick fun at it. He has no true enemies and believes everyone is capable of redemption, and considers fighting like a game.

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