Kovu is a snake-like alien that crashed on Earth. After a crash-landing on Earth, Kovu met Kotsu and LT.


Kovu was taken to Dende's Lookout and grew up there. Over the years Kovu has grown a liking for both Rock n' Roll and Cookies.


Kovu is a green-slightly blue Snake-like being. He is often seen wearing a t-shirt that says Rock on it and a headband. He also has a yellow-orange Mohawk.


  • Courage of Reptilia - A transformation learned by Kovu when training at Dende's Lookout. His Strength and Speed increase by 10x and his hair grows longer and his shirt and headband rips off and his fangs grow longer.
    Kovu Courage of Reptilia

    Kovu in his Courage of Reptilia Form.

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