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Kyoko Suzuki
Biological Information
Portrayed by Sync
Race Human
Birthday December 15th
Gender Female
Height 6'0 ft.
Weight 140 lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team Nova, The Core
Previous Affiliation Team Avengers
Position Ranked Paladin in The Core, Leader of Team Nova
Previous Position Combat Specialist
Partner Sho Hirano and Freed
Previous Partner Wally Freed and Ceno
Base of Operations Team Nova Base, The Core, New Weiss.
Personal Status
Relatives TBD
Likes Sparring, meditating, focusing, Team Nova
Dislikes Goofiness, eating with mouth open, not paying attention, Sho's lack of care too fighting.
Physical Description
Age 24
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Caucasian

Kyoko is a Paladin in the Core. She is the 5th strongest Paladin in the Core. She is known as the Silent Assassin because of her personality and battle style which is too quickly and silently finishes her opponents either with stealth or sheer power.


Kyoko is very quiet and calm. She is cold towards evil and when angered she like Sho, she shows to remorse with a calm and concentrated attitude; finishing her opponents quickly. She does has a rage side and can go nuts over people usually like Sho because of their stupidity. She also has a loving and caring side towards her allies, Sho jokes about this part of her personality because it is very different from her calm and assasin like personality. This then leads to Kyoko raging at Sho.

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