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What is love

Eye of the Tiger

The Movie[]

*pauses* This is me the ghetto ginger kid.......who grows up to be.....a perverted ghetto ginger kid. *unpauses*

Kid LT: *walking down the street singing* Smokin' Dope Smokin' Dope Smooookin' Dope. W-W-W-Weed.

*pauses* This is where I meet DJ he seems like a normalish kid now but he grows up to be an awesome douche. *unpauses*

Kid DJ: *riding by on his tricycle* Sup. I'm DJ!

Kid LT: Hi I'm LT.

Kid DJ: *riding on tricycle* Smokin' Dope Smokin' Dope

Kid LT: Smooookin' Dope. W-W-W-Weed.

*pauses* This is where I meet Kotsu he also seems normalish but he grows up to be a nice and sometimes egotistical but not very often guy. *unpauses*

Kid Kotsu: *rides by in a toy car* Hi I'm Kotsu. *waves*

Kid LT: Hi I'm LT.

Kid DJ: I'm DJ.

Kid Kotsu: *driving his toy car* Smokin Dope'

Kid DJ: *riding on his tricycle* Smokin Dope'

Kid LT: Smooookin' Dope. Weed!

Kid Kotsu: Weed!

Kid DJ: Weed!

Kid DJ: *steals his dads car keys and gets in his car*

Kid LT: *gets in the drivers seat*

Kid Kotsu: *gets in the back*

Kid DJ: *gives the keys to LT*

All Three: *slowly grow into there current selves* Smokin' Dope! Smokin' Dope! Smoooookin' Dope!

LT: Bored now *starts the car*

DJ: Turn on the radio man and start driving.

Kotsu: Lets go to Goku's party!

LT: Aight. *turns on the radio and starts skipping through* Mexican......News.....Hip Hop......

Radio: .....What is love? Baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more. *starts playing what is love*

LT: *starts bobbing his head side to side*

Kotsu: *bobbing head back and forth*

DJ: *bobbing head up and down*

LT: *starts driving while they all still bob there heads*


LT: *stops bobbing head* OH SH- *crashes into Goku's house*

*pauses* This is Goku and I just crashed into his house. Goku is that nice guy who is always partying but can be serious too. You know that kinda guy. *unpauses*

Goku: WTF!!!

LT: My bad!

DJ: *facepalm*

Kotsu: That was.......F*CKING AWESOME!!!

LT: *gets out of car and continues to bob his head while it plays What is love*

Kotsu: *does the same as LT*

DJ: *does the same as LT and Kotsu*

Goku: Your gonna fix this right?

LT: Nope!

Goku: Assh*le.....

*pauses* This is SKG. A good friend of mine and the girl who everyone wants to be with.....sort of. She is the one who caused me to be a pervert. *unpauses*

SKG: *across the room*

LT: o.o Who is that? *stares at SKG*

Kotsu: I don't know but she's mine..... *staring at SKG*

DJ: *already over there hitting on SKG*

SKG: Nice try. *punches DJ in the face*

LT: Oooooh.

Kotsu: Ouch.

DJ: *gets up off the ground and stumbles*

Kotsu: *slicks back hair* I got this. *walks up to SKG* Hey baby ever went out with an Iceberg Werewolf?

SKG: A what?

Kotsu: An Iceberg Werewolf. Bigger at the bottom and wild at night. *winks*

SKG: Whatever pretty boy. *punches Kotsu in the face*

LT: *takes a deep breath* H-h-hi YOU HAVE A NICE ASS! *covers mouth*

DJ: *facepalm*

Kotsu: *facepalm*

*pauses* Dick move me.....dick move.... *unpauses*

*door slams open*

Goku: ......Here comes Baka.....


*pauses* That.....is Baka. That guy who is always random but somehow popular.....its strange man.....really strange. *unpauses*

Baka: Wassup everybody! Ain't no party with out ME!

DJ: I'm pretty sure the party was juuuust fine without you Baka.

Baka: And shut up DJ.

*pauses* This is where sh*t gets real.... *unpauses*


Baka: Sorry not homo.

DJ: .......Smartass.

Baka: Sorry my ass isn't smart.

DJ: Grrrrr......

Baka: You're not an animal.

LT: Hey hey settle down settle down.......and smoke some of the good sh*t. *hands Baka and DJ some weed*

DJ: Is now really the time LT?

LT: Yes. Yes it is.

*a few minutes later*

Goku: *smokes and passes the weed to SKG*

SKG: *smokes and passes to Baka*

Baka: *smokes and passes to LT*

LT: *smokes and passes to Kotsu*

Kotsu: *smokes and passes to DJ*

DJ: *smokes and passes to Tom the Giraffe*

Kotsu: WTF! Tom what you doin' here man! See I told you guys he was real!

Tom the Giraffe: *smokes and passes to the Hell Chicken Army*


DJ: *falls asleep*

Baka: *falls asleep*

LT: *looks at Kotsu* Hehe...

Kotsu: *looks at LT* Hehe!

LT: *moves Baka on top of DJ and takes his spot by SKG* Wassup...... *falls asleep on SKG*

SKG: o.o.....I don't even care anymore..... *falls asleep on LT*

Kotsu: *falls asleep on Goku*

Goku: *falls asleep on Kotsu*

*the next morning*

Baka: AH!


Kotsu: AH!

Goku: AH!

LT: :3

SKG: :3

DJ,Baka,Goku, and Kotsu: *all look at LT*

LT: .......F*ck...... *jumps up and runs off*

Baka: *chases after LT*

Kotsu: *chases after LT*

Goku: *chases after LT*

DJ: *trips LT*

LT: *falls* .....Mother Fu-

DJ: Hey....this is like a movie or a story!!!

Kotsu: Nah.....

Baka: Pshhh what would it be like a comedy or something?

Goku: I don't know....

LT: Maybe......

SKG: Who would even read/watch this crap!!!

Everyone: *looks at you*

LT: Well....besides that what were you guys about to do?

DJ: We were just about to kick your ass.

Baka,Kotsu,DJ, and Goku: *all sock LT*

LT: Aduuuuuur. *knocked out*

*pauses* Here is where I start dreaming. Get ready for some really weird sh*t. *unpauses*

???: Hello LT....I am here to teach you the arts of Beatus Meatius to defeat your friends in battle.

LT: Who are you?

???: I am the Beatus Meatius arts creator. My name is Bation but you can call me Master Bation.

LT: Okay Master Bation teach me some wicked sh*t.

Master Bation: Alright cue your training music.

LT: Alright. *starts playing eye of tiger dubstep*

*Meanwhile outside of LT's dream*

Kotsu: *stares at LT*

SKG: *pokes LT with a stick*

Goku: *sits and stares at LT*

DJ: *kicks LT*

Baka: *slaps LT repeatedly*

LT: *shaking around in his sleep* Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wuuuuuuuuuuuuub.....MASTER BATION!!!!!

Everyone: o.o

Master Bation: *shows LT Visions* You see this LT....this is....A day....in the life....of Jeff.

LT: and you are showing me this why?

Master Bation: Because you must go there.

LT: and why should I?

Master Bation: *shows LT visions of the Z-Crushers Strike Force defending the earth in the future*

LT:.....Who are those 3 people right there......

Master Bation: That first one is Jeff, that second one is Nemba, and the third one is Gohan.

LT: *wakes up* I HAD A WAFFLE IRON!!!!

Kotsu: Wut.....

LT: *flies and lands in some forest like area* Ouch thorn bush. *sees Jeff walking*

Jeff: I Feel bad for Kotsu. Hate it when my wife is PMSing. *in the background Jeff hears a strange sound*

Voice: LT comes stalking through the grass. Rabbits are his prey. He prepares for a pounce, NO WAIT! He decides to go for the deer. And the chase begins. *LT dashes out of some trees at a deer*

Jeff: AW SWEET A DEER! *flying down to get the deer, when suddenly a british guy jumps out of a bush and breaks the deer's neck*

LT: Aww. British guys always get my deer... Oh hey you must be Jeff.

Jeff: *lands* Yo you must be LT. British guy get your deer again?

LT: Ya...... Stupid British....

Jeff: HEY! That's not nice....

LT: Did I ever say I was nice?

Jeff: Point proven. Wanna go hunt some tigers?

LT: There aren't any tigers here.

Jeff: Well we'll be going to Africa for the weekend.

LT: Ummm.. I gotta go.... on a date.

Jeff: You don't have a girlfriend.

LT: A date with.....with.......Kotsu and Miku. They wanted me to go to the movies with them.

Jeff: Oh. Ok. See ya then.

LT: Oh thank Kami he didn't see through the ruse. Now to find those Goten and Gohan guys. Maybe that guy over there knows! *points to NobleTrigon and runs over to him* Hello sir do you know where a guy named Goten aaaaannnndddd Gohan are?

NobleTrigon: Yeah, Goten lives over there and Gohan goes to that school over there.

LT: Okay thanks. Whats your name again?

NobleTrigon: NobleTrigon.

LT: Weird name I'll just call you Trigon.

NobleTrigon: Alright, if you need brains for anything just tell me.

LT: Thanks! *runs towards Goten's house*

NobleTrigon: No problem.

LT: *knocks on Goten's door*

Goten: What do you need?

LT: I just need to meet you.

Goten: Well you have met me. *shuts the door*

LT: *knocks on the door*

Goten: Wha- Oh its you again.

LT: I meant I need to talk with you.

Goten: Make it quick.

LT: I'll make it one of those things with the large titles.

10 Minutes Later

LT: and that is why I am here.

Goten: You expect me to believe that a guy named Master Bation showed you the future?

LT: Yep.

Goten: Well I do. Gohan should be getting out of school soon.

LT: Alright thanks see you in the future.

Goten: Yeah whatever.

LT: *goes out the door*

Miri: Who the hell was that?

Goten: I have no fucking idea.

LT: *walks towards Gohan's school*

Gohan: Finally school is over. *bumps into LT*

LT: Are you Gohan?

Gohan: Yeah, why?

LT: I need to talk to you.



10 Minutes Later.....Again.....I really like these big letters.....there legit.

Gohan: I understand completely Master Bation,Future,ZCSF.

LT: Yeah.

Gohan: Well see ya. *waves*

LT: *flies back to where everyone is*

Kotsu: LT! I wanted to talk to you about something.

LT: What?

Kotsu: I call it the Z-Crushers Strike Force Initiative.