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Lykaon is a pup in Bardulf and Ula's litter. He is the fourth born, being born after his brother Seff and before his brother Hemming. He was entrusted to Goku Rao.


Lykaon is one of only two snow-white pups in the litter, the other being his sister, Accalia. He is the third biggest, behind his brothers Marrok and Hemming.


Lykaon is very easy-going and plays with almost all of his brothers and sisters, earning a reputation of being "everyone's buddy". He is very affectionate with his human, Goku, and very well behaved. Lykaon plays the most with his older brother Seff, though he has been known to join his younger brothers Rudiger, Ulrik, Kenyon and Faolan at times. Lykaon also likes swimming and exploring.