The scientist




190 lbs


Solution Finding and Intellect

 Matt is a member of the Bōken no rīgu.


Matt is a bit more of a loner than his partners. He likes to sit in his lab and work more than anything else. He will do nearly anything for his teammates, but will leave strangers in danger because they don't matter to him.


Matt has shoulder length brown hair and bright green eyes. He is short compared to the majority of people, and is not very heavy. He is however muscular and quite efficient at taking down larger foes.


Matt started out as one of Golith's many sources of info on the streets, and provided gear to the guild even before he was a member. One day, Matt talked to Golith about how hard life was on the streets, and the old master invited him to join the league. Matt was 14 then and is now 23. Appears in League of Magic.

Magic abilitiesEdit

Matt can see the answer to any problem, including the weak point on an opponent. He also gains incredible intelligence due to this and is one of the smartest people on the planet. He is a master in 7 forms of martial arts, and specializes in stealth.


Jeff all geared out for battle

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