Melograno is a Saiyan killed by Frieza during the destruction of Planet Vegeta. He was wished back to life when Vegeta asked Shenron for a warrior stronger than Omega Shenron and Melograno was born. Melograno was training in hell and achieved Super Saiyan 8, one of the strongest forms of Super Saiyan. He was able to kill many of the Z fighters until it was only Gohan, Vegeta, Goku, and Pan. Pan was the next to die. Goku said the only way to defeat Melograno is to fuse with Vegeta. But, Vegeta would not fuse so he could beat Melograno himself and become the strongest in the universe. Vegeta soon died by a hell Kamehameha, Melograno's best move, and it was just Goku and Gohan. They tried a fusion dance but Gohan was beat away by Melograno and they were not able to finish. To create a diversion King Kai called the Namekians to use their dragon balls to turn Gohan back to 13. This caught Melograno off guard and the fusion was finished. Gokanu was formed. Gokanu was enough to finish Melograno but, when Melograno was about to die, he slammed himself with a hell Kamehameha and became Hell Melograno. Hell Melograno was enough to almost kill Gokanu. But, King Kai used the second wish to make Gohan a man again. Gokanu and Hell Melograno were even in power and it was a hard fight. Gokanu used a Masenko Kamehameha to kill Hell Melograno and save the earth.


Melograno can fully control his great ape form. He can use Kaio Ken and SSJ1. He learned Kamehameha One of Goku's signature attacks. Melograno's base form looks similar to Gogeta, without the blonde hair.

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