Midori Phénix
Midori Phénix (みどりフェニックス)
Biological Information
Portrayed by Midori Phénix
Race Saiyan
Gender Female
Weight 100lbs
Professional Status
Personal Status
Likes Fighting, Sports, Food, Sword fighting
Dislikes Tuna fish.
Physical Description
Age 16
Hair Color Rainbow
Skin Color White


Midori is sometimes a nice girl, but reminding her of her past makes her angry and evil. She is nice to all her friends. She can also be a bit harsh, there are a few times where she is cold blooded and mean. But she does this to protect the people she love.


Midori is a young girl with rainbow hair and purple eyes. She often wears blue shorts with a white shirt and blue jacket. She doesn't give a crap about anything. She's nice, cool and sometimes mean. 

Background Edit

Midori Phénix is a hip-hop cool girl but she has a story too. She is detective and part of the Anime-Arts crew. She's the 7th strongest. Her past is mostly about her adventures and traveling. Traveling is her goal. She loves to travel and help people across the world. Whenever evil approaches she is there to stop it. She is global crime fighting saiyan. She is also a part of the Tantei Milky Holmes detective team.

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