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Murdoc is the fusion of Kotsu and Creed, created at first when Hilbert Hinterher uses a specific kind of seal around Kotsu's navel, which triggers the fusion. The fusion is activated when a line of Kotsu's blood is shed on it, forcing the two to collide with a flash of light.


Murdoc is somewhere in between Creed's height and Kotsu's. He has black hair, in a style similar to Kotsu's but more wild and powerful looking. His eyes are purple, like Creed's, but they inherit a slightly more round shape like Kotsu's eyes. Murdoc has a muscular build, and a black panther-like tail. Murdoc is often seen wearing black pants and a white button-up dress shirt, which he often leaves unbuttoned to expose his muscular chest.


Murdoc is both similar and different from Kotsu and Creed. He is a dark sort of character like Creed, but lacks Creed's evil and sadistic ways. He has good intentions like Kotsu, but prefers to be an anti-hero rather than a complete hero. Murdoc is quiet, but strong, preferring to act on both knowledge and power to meet his goals.


Murdoc is arguably one of the most powerful beings in existence, being able to manipulate the elements and objects around them with small movements of his body, at other times just by looking at them, hinting at somewhat telekinetic powers.