Gohan looking arrogantly on.

In his mystic form, Gohan's reaches the maximum limit of his seemingly endless power. This dormant power is released with the help of the Old Kai. The ceremony performed by the Old Kai took an ample amount of time, due to Gohan's remarkable power. After achieving this new form, Gohan's super Saiyan 2 form becomes obsolete. As far as physical features goes, Gohan overall attains a more matured look. This new look is also complemented by Gohan's new confident attitude. The first opponent confronted by Mystic Gohan is Super Buu. To Super Buu's dismay, he quickly realizes that his power is not nearly up to par with that of Gohan's. Although once Super Buu is able to absorb both Piccolo and Gotenks, his power is able to surpass that of Gohan's. After Goku's arrival and failed attempt to use the potara earrings to fuse with Gohan, he is unfortunately caught off guard and absorbed by Buu.

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