Nam is a martial artist whom made his first appearance in Dragon Ball during the Tournament Saga. He possesses a pure heart, due to his ability to successfully ride the Flying Nimbus.

After making his way into the finals, Nam's first opponent is Ranfan. He experiences some difficulty at first due to Ranfan's sexual appearance, almost knocking him out of the ring. Although, he is able to overcome this and eventually defeats her. Nam's next fight is against Goku. During the fight, Nam resorted to using his greatest attack, The Cross Arm Dive, which was said to be able to knock a person out cold for ten days. Despite using this technique, Nam proved unsuccessful in defeating Goku. Proceeding the match, Nam was saddened, because he needed the money to buy water for his village. Although, Master Roshi was able to read his mind and give to him a capsule in which he would be able to fill with well water. In return, Roshi requested for Nam to impersonate him in the crowd in order to protect his identity.

Later during the Red Ribbon Army Saga, Nam is saved by Goku after being grabbed by a Pterodactyl. Together, he and Goku found out Giran was blocking the dams which provided water for his village with Merry-Go-Round Gums. Goku then destroyed the Merry-Go-Round Gums with the Kamehameha Wave.

Nam makes a brief appearance in Dragon Ball Z when he is shown contributing his energy to Goku's Super Spirit Bomb.

In Dragon Ball GT, Nam is seen meditating while Goku is trying to round up the remaining people on Earth. At this time, Nam is appears to be aged and now has a mustache.

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