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Pan is the daughter of Gohan, and the Granddaughter of Goku. She is 3/4 human and 1/4 Saiyan. Her mother is Videl, daughter of Hercule Satan. We are first introduced to Pan at the end of Dragon Ball Z, where she alongside her family entered into the 28th World Martial Arts tournament. Due to her training with Goku, she was able to effortlessly defeat Wild Tiger with only two punches.

Pan plays a major role in Dragon Ball GT. On the day Goku, Trunks and Goten were supposed to leave Earth in order to search for the Black Star Dragon Balls, she decided to secretly
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Pan as a toddler in Dragon Ball Z

sneak onto the ship, and blast off before Goten could get on board. One of the more significant events that happen to Pan, is when she was turned into a doll by Dolltaki. Shortly after she found herself immersed within the body of of Luud, along with the others inside of Luud. Dolltaki, then decides to inform Pan of Luud's weakness, and she is able to break free with the assistance of Goku.

After gathering the rest of the Black Star Dragon Balls, Pan discovers that the majority of those living on Earth are under the control of Baby. After Goku's Golden Great Ape transformation, Pan is successful in calming her Grandfather down, allowing him to make the transition into Super Saiyan 4.

Pan accompanies Goku while he is in search of finding the shadow dragons. While Goku was charging the Universal Spirit Bomb, Pan gave her energy in order to help finish Omega Shenron off. Pan picks up Goku's clothes after he leaves with Shenron and passes them down to her Grandson Goku Jr.

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