Puar is the best friend of Yamcha. Puar has to ability to both shapeshift and levitate and attended the Southern Transformation Kindergarten with Oolong who used to bully him. After finishing school, Puar met and became companions with Yamcha. For a while Puar and Yamcha were desert Bandits, stealing capsules and money from others. Although upon befriending Goku, Puar and Yamcha ceased their roles as thieves. One of Puar's more important acts of bravery in Dragon Ball is his successful efforts to cut off Goku's tail while he is in his Great Ape form. He does this by transforming into a pair of scissors. Throughout Dragon Ball Z Puar continues to support Yamcha and the other Z-Fighters in their quest to free the world from danger. In Dragon Ball GT, Puar is last seen with Yamcha fixing his car.

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