Rampage is the younger brother of Creed and a member of the Innes race.


Rampage has brown hair and the same purple eyes as Creed, also possessing the same eye shape as many of the Innes. He wears a silver earring in his left ear and is mostly seen as being serious. He wears predominantly dark colors. He is physically about seven years old.


Rampage is said to be equally as dark and evil as Creed, but his evil is more chilling to some, seeing as he appears to be so young. Rampage does become considerably more of a "good guy" later on, but is still not necessarily classified as a hero. He has similar views as Creed, such as believing that the Innes are the superior race.

Oddly enough, though similar in many ways, Rampage does not get along with his older brother, and both in fact tend to get into violent fights with each other, Creed calling Rampage a "good-for-nothing punk" and Rampage retorting by calling Creed a "sadistic bastard".

Rampage, ironically enough, forms a friendship with Flan, the younger brother of Kotsu. Rampage, awed by the power of Murdoc (Creed and Kotsu fused), sets about to do the same with Flan, in which creates Fury.

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