Biological Information
Race Unknown
Gender Male
Height Kid:5'0" Teen:5'9" Adult:6'1"
Professional Status
Personal Status
Physical Description


Rejendo was born on a far away planet that was under the control of a tyrant who had enslaved the people. After rebelling his whole childhood, Rejendo destroyed the tyrant at the age of 12. A year later, he left his home planet in search of other tyrants. One of his foes had the ability of stealing the DNA code of a life form, thereby gaining its power and abilities in addition to its own. When the foe used this on Rejendo, it created a deadly side-effect. The screw-up of Rejendo's DNA caused him achieve a state known as the Negative Form. This form is 30x stronger than his normal state, but is controlled by all hatred, anger, and other negative emotion that lies within him. This form is a ruthless killing machine. In this form, Rejendo murdered his foe, but was able to break out of the form before he caused too much destruction. After this, he could not use this form; Afterwards, he developed a less powerful form in which he turned into a lion.


Beast FormEdit

A more friendly effect of his DNA theft, this transformation turns Rejendo into a fierce Lion. In this form, Rejendo's power is multiplied by 10x. Other than acting like a feline, there is no change in nature for this form.

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