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What Rudiger looks like.

Rudiger is Kotsu's pup of the litter born to Bardulf and Ula. Rudiger is the runt of the litter, and he was born seventh of the ten pups.

His brothers and sisters are Ulva, Marrok, Seff, Lykaon, Hemming, Accalia, Ulrik, Kenyon, and Faolan.


Rudiger has brown fur with a white underside and paws. He is the runt of the litter. Rudiger also was born with a white lightning bolt shaped marking going across his left eye (not pictured here), which is ironic, as Esvel's broadsword grants Kotsu a lightning bolt shaped scar across his left eye only just before the birth of Rudiger and his litter.


As a pup, Rudiger has a very playful but shy demeanor. He is eager to join his brothers and sisters in a game, but is more prone to run from being startled (as he is also easily startled). Rudiger is gentle, and doesn't play with his more rough brothers because of that. Rudiger plays with also gentle sister Accalia the most, though he has been known to play with his younger brothers Faolan, Kenyon and Ulrik. On some occasions he will also follow his older brothers Lykaon and Seff.