Ryota Satomi, also known as "Ryo" by friends and family, is a seventeen year old boy and is the main protagonist in "The Street Fighter Who Became a Martial Artist!"

Appearance Edit

Ryota usually wears his black school uniform with his jacket open with a white t-shirt underneath with white sneakers. Later, when he is around the Natsumi residence and while he is training, he wears a black karate gi with a white headband and white wristbands. During the tournament and Mafia saga, his outfit changes to a black happi jacket open with on the back in red it says "Strong", and black dogi pants with a white headband. 

Techniques Edit

While using his fire chi energy, Ryota can make a variety of techniques. He calls it the Fire Secret Arts.

  • Fire Secret Art: Fire Bullet: Version I - This is a flame-enhanced powerful punch that sends the opponent flying.
  • Fire Secret Art: Fire Bullet: Version II - Ryota put a huge amount of his fire energy around his entire body and rams into his opponent, causing great damage. 
  • Fire Secret Art: Fire Stream - Ryota puts out a stream of fire and wraps it around his a opponent and he then proceeds by burning them. 
  • Fire Secret Art: Twisting Fire Blade - Ryota twists a stream of fire and make it like a twisting blade and attacks his opponent, causing destructive damage. 
  • Fire Secret Art: Flaming Gatling - Ryota puts huge amounts of fire in each of his fists, rapidly punching his a opponent, causing a massive accumulation of damage. 
  • Fire Secret Art: Hyper Blazing Fury - Ryota rapidly punches and kicks his victim and ultimately ends it with a Fire Bullet: Version I. 
  • Fire Secret Art: Fiery Impact - Ryota ignite his arms and hands on fire and he strikes his opponent with his palms, causing the opponent to fly away.
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