Sōsuke Kazama
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Sōsuke Kazama, as he appears in the FusionFall Soldier series.
Biological Information
Portrayed by Dark Seeker Kotsu
Race Human
Birthday 12 June, 1996X
Gender Male
Height 170 cm. (5'7)
Weight 56 kg (123.2 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation FusionFall Heroes
Previous Affiliation The Metarchs
Position Soldier
Previous Position Infantryman
Division Team Dexter
Base of Operations Sector V
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Education N/A
Likes Protecting others, handling weaponry, flight, forming alliances, solo missions
Dislikes Being caught off-guard, Fuse, traveling long distances on foot when with others, loud noises
Theme Links 2 3 4
Physical Description
Age 17
Hair Color Brown
Skin Color Pale
 Sōsuke Kazama is the lead protagonist of the FusionFall Soldier series, introduced in FusionFall: Rise. He is a young man who was formerly one of Fritz Metger's Metarch soldiers, raised since a child how to be a soldier. He is the only known survivor of the purge of Metarch soldiers, as he was dealt a blow to the head that caused him to become amnesiac. He is then taken in by the FusionFall Heroes, as many of them see great promise in him and believe he will become a vital part of the war against Fuse.

Early on, the reader learns that Sōsuke was a part of a bio-warrior project, and is a genetically altered clone of Ben Tennyson, enhanced with special abilities. This is something that Sōsuke does not know about himself that many of the other FusionFall Heroes do. Dexter takes Sōsuke into his group of warriors, to prevent Sōsuke from becoming one of Ben's soldiers and learning the truth about himself, believing that the truth would dishearten and maybe even "crush" Sōsuke.


Sōsuke has mousy brown hair and deep purple eyes. He is said to look identical to Ben Tennyson, save for his hair and eye color. Others often comment on his physical resemblance to Ben, but Sōsuke does not know the true nature of this similarity, as Ben's face is hidden when they meet. Sōsuke not particularly small, but is called "shorty" by his older/taller peers.


Sōsuke is a recklessly brave and kindhearted young man with a tendency to run into trouble. He is very intelligent, but his intelligence lies mostly in strategic maneuvers, often allowing him to form strategies in a small amount of time and execute them. This ability often allows him to save himself at the very last minute. Sōsuke is also very curious and wants to find out more about his past, and is a bit troubled that most people he knows seem to be reluctant to tell him anything. 

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