Sam is a Saiyan raised on Planet Vegeta to save the Saiyans from massive powerful enemies. He managed to escape and was one of the only good Saiyans beside from Bardock on the planet. He has a massive hidden potential which makes him a lot stronger then some other characters when he unleashes it. He is 16 years old and has some very powerful moves including his most powerful attack the Hellzone Grenade.

Personality Edit

Sam is quite cocky but brave and has a nice sense of humor. Mostly he is serious, smart and will try to have some fun in a battle if his opponent is strong. He is a hero and will plan to save his enemies all the time even if it means risking his life. He has quite a bit of pride sometimes letting his power get the better of him. If he is not having a challenge then he kills them without effort unless they can transform. Then he draws the fight as long as possible.


Ki: With Ki I can create powerful energy blasts and fly 

Flying: I can fly quite far

Hellzone Grenade: An ultimate attack which causes many energy blasts to hit the opponent  

Shining Sword Attack:

An attack which cuts stuff up and then blasts them 


A charged up energy beam which can do lots of damage to the opponent.

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